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About the project

General Information:

Project full title: CLASHE - Continuous Learning Anywhere Within a Collaborative, Knowledge Sharing and Enjoyable Context 
Project number: 531183-LLP-1-2012-1-GR-KA3-KA3MP

CLASHE is inspired by the new horizons and capabilities provided by the current changes in learning technology, advent on mobile and portable devices and their effect on how people prefer to learn using best this technology and device. The project will utilize the latest technological trends such as WEB 2.0 technologies, media driven attractive rich material, mobile and portable devices and gamification, bridging formal and informal learning in order to realize a highly interactive, collaborative learning platform able to provide educational content and serious games on demand and in an ad-hoc as well as time and location independent way.

The CLASHE project targets a wide variety of users: from professional learners and companies executives to university and school students. By using the platform and the educational tools developed all the groups will experience a new way of education, mainly through positive emotions, serious games, collaboration and learning by doing instead of just listening and reading. Thus, the next generation of ICT tools that CLASHE provides aims to engage and attract the learner by stimulating the personal experience and participation, bringing a futuristic approach beyond the traditional learning procedure of the classroom. CLASHE transforms learning from an isolated event to a continuous collaborative process, whereby learner is engaged in seeking, sensing, exploring and sharing information within a very dynamic and attractive environment.

Early prototype and final versions of the application will be delivered at the schools, university and enterprise to be evaluated by the students and professionals which will provide feedback for the improvement of the system’s efficiency and effectiveness. Finally, exploitation and dissemination activities will be carried out by the consortium with the aim to achieve successful market launch.

Start date: December 1st, 2012

End date: November 30th, 2014

Coordinator: EXODUS S.A.

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Last update: 3 December 2014

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