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The strategic approach that was adopted for setting up the consortium is characterised by both technological and pedagogical aspects. CLASHE incorporates two competent organisations from the technological sector, EXODUS and INFOMAN with proven, long term experience in developing educational software and target audiences representatives with different and common learning needs specifically in primary schools, universities and enterprises from three countries. The consortium partners are selected in order to combine the technical and educational backgrounds as well the potential for direct evaluation of the results within pilot sessions among the partners. Thus, the project will produce the planned results, through effective and efficient collaboration. In more detail:

EXODUS will:

  • be the administrative, quality co-ordinator of the project;
  • host the CLASHE website;
  • co-ordinate the exploitation activities;
  • design the overall methodology for the development of the content and the game/simulations applications and services;
  • be responsible for choosing the most appropriate technologies, and will enhance, adapt and integrate them in the interactive and multimedia serious gaming environment (e.g. graphics, smooth textures, controlling etc.);
  • participate at the pilot usage and evaluation as enterprise user of the learning platform

Infoman will:

  • be the technical manager of the project and be responsible for aggregating the tools and setting up the overall learning platform
  • contribute to the design of the overall methodology for the development of the content and the game/simulations applications and services;
  • be responsible for choosing the most appropriate technologies for the sharing platform such as MS SharePoint, Alfresco, MediaWiki, MindTouch etc.
  • lead dissemination activities
  • participate at the pilot set ups and evaluation phase

Furthermore three more users are participating in the consortium:
i) Doukas School  in Greece to present the view point of primary school students and teachers
ii) FHNW in Switzerland to present the view point of academic students and professors
iii) COCIT in Spain to present the view point of enterprise professionals

The users will:

  • participate in in-depth user needs analysis in order to identify the specific needs.
  • design all material storyboards and indicate the reference material necessary for their targeted groups relatively. In addition, the user partners will define supporting tools that may be made available during the execution of the logic games within the game world. The users will develop scenarios to integrate the tools in the everyday practice.
  • participate in the validation and evaluation stages; in particular by developing the evaluation methodology and assisting the end users in each target group to evaluate the prototype as well as the final version of the CLASHE.
  • contribute to the dissemination activities, such as participation in conferences, articles in scientific journals, brochure preparation etc. INFOMAN will lead the respective work

The target users (school and academic students and professionals) of CLASHE are spread throughout Europe within the partner organisations and will evaluate and validate the pilot prototypes by collaborative sessions and competitions to be organised among their organisations.


Last update: 3 December 2014

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This website reflects the views only of the authors, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

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