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Cámara Oficial de Comercio e Industria de Toledo


Founded in 1912, the Toledo Chamber of Commerce and Industry(COCIT) is a 50 employees Public Corporation, a consultative and collaborative body liaising with the Administrations, which represents, promotes and defends the general interests of companies in the region. All legal or physical entities, either national or foreign, performing mercantile, commercial, industrial or service-related activities in Toledo province belong to the Chamber. The Chamber collaborates actively with the more than 50.000 Toledo-based companies, covering various needs, such as advice for the creation and development of businesses, promoting exports from the region, training human capital, and developing initiatives to extend the culture of quality and innovation so that SMEs in the Region can tap the opportunities afforded by new technologies applicable to training and education.

Among COCIT statutory main goals, the Chamber acts as a consultative and collaborative organism among the Province, Central, Regional, and Local Administrations and also offers information, training, and advisory services to corporations within its scope with a view to drive the province's economic development.

In the area of training and education COCIT main objectives are to collaborate with educational competent administrations in the design, development and management of practical training in working sites included in the accredited studies of professional training and to manage public programs designed to assist companies according to terms established on a case by case basis.

COCIT has its own Training department which offers a set of courses to companies in several domains ranging from New technologies (web, IT assisted design, new technologies applicable to management, social networks, office tools) to sectorial applications (commerce, food, manufacturing) and general purpose courses (Languages, Managerial, Education, etc.)

COCIT has experience in international projects. In the area of LLL, during 2008-2009, COCIT has participated in Grundtvig project "ODESSA" Organisational Development for Europe's SME Support Agencies, in the area of setting a standard and training/assessment methodology oriented to SMEs in the service area with a view to promote SME competitiveness in Europe by improving the quality of SME support, through the implementation of common EU-wide quality standards for trainers, consultants and SME local support centres.

COCIT owns and manages three local business incubators which give support to more than 100 technology based SMEs. Through this, COCIT has a direct contact to business requirements and has a direct and close access to a sample user group to develop a PILOT to test, validate and implement project results.

In addition COCIT, by means of its participation in larger national and regional organisations such as Confederation of Chambers of Commerce, National & Regional Business Associations and also by means of its advisory rote to Public Government will contribute to the dissemination and take-up of project results.


Last update: 3 December 2014

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