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Since its founding in 1917, Doukas School has always tried to keep up with the latest trends in education. In its 10 acres, setting with educational and athletic facilities amongst the best in design and construction, Doukas School (http://www.doukas.gr, www.schoolofthefuture.gr), a K-12 educational Institution, offers to its 2000 student body one of the finest educational and athletic programs in the country.

During the last ten years, the school has organized Conferences on Mathematics, Pre-school Education, Educational Computing & New Technologies, General Gymnastics and Sports. Doukas School also organizes since 1997 the Web-based Panhellenic Student Competition LYSIAS (http://www.lysias.gr) that attracted more than 30.000 students annually.

DOUKAS participates in several EU and National R&D projects such us Lifelong Learning Programme, Intelligent Energy Europe, EPEAEK, PAVE, LINGUA. The 1st "Classroom of the Future" in Greece was created in 2007 (www.sof.gr), where all students from Grade 4 use a portable "e-schoolbag" (Tablet PC), containing all educational material and are connected wirelessly to the "e"- blackboard of their classroom and the Internet. Currently, more than 1300 students at Doukas School, between grades 4 to 9 (ages: 9-14), use their Tablet PCs to have constant and immediate access to their educational content and the entire digital world. Moreover, the continuous access to the tools for writing, researching online, organising work and creating presentations aim at providing students with all the necessary skills for individualised and life-long learning in the 21st century.

Doukas School has received many awards for the innovative practices it is implementing in the teaching process, in particular on the integration of ICT pedagogies, methods and tools in the educational process (http://www.kainotomeis.gr/html/doukas-eng.html http://bit.ly/excellence_sch_gr). Moreover, in 2011, Doukas School was identified as a Pathfinder School by Microsoft for its innovative educational practices and its potential to create scalable and replicable educational transformation that can influence schools within Greece and around the world.

Role in the project

Doukas School will have active participation in all WPs, but the most effort will be placed on WPs 3, 4 & 5. Teachers will collaborate with the consortium in order for them to express the user-needs of the school pupils. Doukas School experts will be providing valuable feedback for the design of the logic games, as well as the integration of these scenarios within the game environment. During the testing and validation stage, students and teachers in Doukas School will evaluate the demonstrator, in order to provide feedback form the actual side of the actual end-user. Finally, the school will participate actively in dissemination activities.


Last update: 3 December 2014

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